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Landmarks and P.O.I.

A trail is not just a way to reach a destination. But it's a path that crosses thousands of big small worlds that alternate within it, creating an unforgettable experience as a whole. For this reason, the Via della Lana e della Seta will give you a journey within a journey: a (re)discovery of ancient traditions, landscapes, stories and more.

Whether you decide to walk the path from Bologna to Prato or from Prato to Bologna, the trail will have a lot to show you. From its wild nature, to the most recent history linked to the Second World War, from the world of sacred art to impressive evidences related to industrial archaeology... and much, much more!

Here are our suggestions of the places you shouldn't miss:

Bed and Breakfast A Casa di Poldo

Via Torricella, 56, 59024 Vernio PO

Tel. + 39 338 985 1994

foto conigli su recinzione bb - Donatella Chiti2.jpg
camera bb a casa di poldo - Copia - Donatella Chiti.jpg
esterno bb - Donatella Chiti2.jpg
forno bb - Donatella Chiti.jpg
entrata bb da poldo - Donatella Chiti.jpg
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