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The Via della Lana e della Seta is 130 kilometers long and traditionally is divided into six stages of about 23 kilometers each from Bologna to Prato and vice versa. The route is quite challenging, classified as medium-difficult. However, less experienced walkers must not give up: with the right training it is possible to "break" each stage by stopping at strategic intermediate points.

Many stages also have deviations or variants that can lengthen the route even for a few hours, but which allow you to meet interesting sites, indicated in the guide. The path is therefore to be customized according to your own times and needs, as always, without haste and ready for unexpected encounters!

The Path of Wool and Silk  is 130 kilometres long and is usually divided in six stages of approximately 23 Km each from Bologna to Prato and vice versa.

The difficulty of the trail is medium-difficult,  and it's for this very reason that less experienced hiker can choose to split the stage, more or less, in half finding accommodation in strategic locations along the way.

In the slideshow below  you'll find the details of each stage, however we strongly advise to have the map and the guide with you, essential tools to avoid finding yourself unprepared. In the contacts section you'll find all the ways you can reach us to ask information about the map or the trail, gpx/kml tracks and all other advice to best organize your trip.


Scrolling through our slideshow you will be able to read the details of each single stage but we always recommend that you have a hiking map and guide, essential tools to avoid being unprepared. In the contacts you will find our references for all the information on the map, route, gpx tracks and everything that can be useful to better organize the journey.


1st stage

from Bologna to Sasso Marconi

Total distance: 20 km; Elevation change +230; -200. Duration: 6 h.

From Bologna's city center you'll arrive in Sasso Marconi passing by the Parco della Chiusa, Palazzo de’ Rossi, Ponte Albano, walking at the feet of the calanchi  slowly immersing yourself in nature...



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