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BB Accanto Al Centro

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B&B Accanto Al Centro

Viale Piave 37 Prato (PO) 59100

phone. +39 338 8470 786


we are HERE

Welcome travellers, large families, couples in love, busy entrepreneurs, wayfarers, very young people or centenarians, the more the merrier! The most important thing for us? Family, life in harmony and human relationships that are created regardless of who you are, what you have and where you come from. Accanto Al Centro is much more than a bed and breakfast, it has been a passion since 2006. With commitment and love we have, and continue, to renovate this house where we can't wait to host you. A few km from Florence, we are located in an ideal position for those who want to visit the historic center with its Emperor's Castle, the Textile Museum or Palazzo Pretorio, at the same time close to the heart of the textile production that is the pride of our city. Welcome to the family.



Located at: 650m (10 min walk) from Piazza del Duomo

Languages spoken: Italian, English and French.

Services: Wi-fi connection, personalized check-in, breakfast, vegetarian and celiac menus

Closing: Varies depending on the season.

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