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the path in mountain bike

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The Via della Lana e della Seta by bike should not be underestimated, it is a path not to be improvised but to be undertaken only with a good training behind it. Elevation changes, different types of tracks, length of the stages: you have to be aware of what awaits you in order not to turn a pleasant journey into a misadventure.

The route is already accessible but we are still working to define the optimal one, MTB tracks will soon be available and you can request them at 

Traditionally we recommend it divided into 3 stages (departing both from Bologna and Prato), each stage is about forty kilometres long, scroll through the slideshow to see of they're divide

Andare in mountain bike

1st stage

from Bologna to Grizzana Morandi

Total distance: 47 km; Elevation gain +1700; Duration: approx. 5 hrs.

Starting in the center of Bologna and going towards Sasso Marconi, crossing Casalecchio and its Sluice and the long river Reno. From Sasso Marconi you go up to Monte Sole and then touch the peaks of Mt. Santa Barbara and Mt. Salvaro and then reach Grizzana Morandi.



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