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Refuge Il Poggiolo - Rifugio Re_Esistente

poggiolo rifugio - Rifugio Resistente.jpg

Refuge Il Poggiolo - Rifugio Re_Esistente

In via San Martino, 25 Marzabotto

Phone +39 329 003 3121



we are HERE!

Il Poggiolo is a welcoming oasis kissed by the sun. A point of refreshment and sociality, a creative and cultural garrison on the lands of Monte Sole. A Re-Existing Refuge, a meeting point that aims to enhance and honor places, territories, ideals and ideas. Can a refuge on the Apennines become a creative hub for local, national and international networks? Can a hospitality facility become a cradle of musical, artistic and multidisciplinary research ideas and residencies? Can Il Poggiolo rewrite itself and become a driving force for participatory actions, active citizenship, alternative cultural promotion, local economic policies, ecological transition interventions and an advocate of peace paths and constructive activism? The Re_Esistente Refuge is the latest design vision of Ozono Factory and the cheerful brigade of Binario69 who will take care of the Poggiolo and its guests until November 2021. It is an idea of a systemic and complex network, a welcoming destination for fierce dreamers, generous artists, tireless walkers and for all those who see Monte Sole as a symbol of peace to build a new, colourful, courageous and inclusive world. ​ ​



Located at: on the way

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic

Services: Wi-fi connection, Possibility of staying overnight with a sleeping bag in common rooms, Possibility of staying in a tent in the external areas of the structure (garden), Pets allowed, Availability to pick up and drop off customers near the route, Access and services for the disabled, Bar Service

Closure: not specified

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