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from Prato to Bologna

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I tappa

da Prato a Vaiano

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continua la I tappa

getting ready

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What to pack:

  • Helmet

  • Technical cycling clothing (breathable jerseys and shorts or bib shorts with chamois pad)

  • Gloves or mitts according to the season

  • Breathable base layers

  • Lightweight Rain jacket

  • Windproof vest

  • Cycling shoes

  • We recommend high visibility clothing

  • Sports glasses (with sun or protective lenses)

  • Sun protection

  • Basic first aid kit

  • Hydration bladder or water bottle 

  • Energy gels or snacks

  • Insect repellent

  • GPS device / Map carrier

  • Small bikes spares

  • Puncture repair kit, portable pump and multipurpose tools 

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MTB signs and detours:

The signposting of the paths is fundamental both from the hiking point of view and from the point of view of the enhancement of the territory.

Il Club Alpino Italiano, through the Central Commission for Hiking, between 1990 and 1996 tried to define the standards to be followed and this address was adopted not only by the CAI sections and subsections, but also by numerous public and private territorial bodies for which the CAI has become the reference point for signage and pathways in general.

Main signage 

It is also called vertical and is generally made up of the tables placed at the beginning of the path and at the most important intersections that contain information on the localities indicating the name and altitude of the place of departure or of the places of destination with the travel times and the path number, also called trail sign; other types of tables are provided for the thematic paths, to invite you to walk along the path, for the respect of the local flora and fauna, for the equipped paths, for the via ferratas, etc.

Secondary signage

It is also called horizontal or intermediate and is formed by a white-red or red-white-red painted trail marker (also called flag and which contains the path number) placed at the beginning and along the path, on stones or plants, used to offer the information of continuity and confirmation of the path.

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